Powering Target Account Precision Email Through Integration

January 29, 2019 | Blog, Resources

Last week we announced a new collaboration between Oracle Marketing Cloud and MRP, designed to empower email marketing as an integral, orchestrated component of account-based marketing (ABM) programs. While it’s arguably one of the most efficient marketing channels, it’s also one of the channels that has the most noise to cut through.

Despite email marketing boasting a median ROI of 122% – over 4x higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search, full inboxes continue to leave both marketers and consumers fatigued. Not with MRP Prelytix. Our solution is programmatic, applying insights to trigger the send of each message and coordinate content approach with other platforms. Your ability to control email as a mainstay of your ABM program is a must-have.

Email marketing is one of the most widely adopted marketing channels, yet most often left out of ABM strategies.

More than a story of a new email focused ABM program, MRP Prelytix triggers and controls account-based interactions across five channels, and more are planned.

While the same research shows email outperforming all other channels, the real story is the power of channel synchronized communications, especially when they are based upon the identified needs and timing for each and every target account, across all stages of their buyer’s journey. Additional research shows that this drives performance sky high – increasing email by more than 450% and even display ads by 700%!

Tight integration, flexible deployment

More than a slack connection between platforms or yet another new development project to add to your project plan, MRP has developed two paths whereby clients can integrate Eloqua delivered email directly into their Account-Based Marketing program:

  • Client Eloqua instance: MRP Prelytix has programmatic API connectors that can seamlessly integrate any Eloqua instance directly into MRP Prelytix. Strategic and tightly integrated, we have bi-directional capabilities that can make your Eloqua instance immediately account-focused and coordinated with other channels and platforms.
  • MRP Prelytix hosted Eloqua instance: The MRP Prelytix platform is already integrated with Eloqua and clients can immediately deploy ABM targeted email regardless of any existing marketing automation or email platform. This is particularly appealing for large enterprise clients who often need this flexibility due to internal process requirements.

This reality disrupts the pattern of the typical light integrations we see in mid-market focused ABM platforms.

Realizing true ABM for enterprise-class marketing organizations

Eloqua and Oracle are undisputed enterprise-class organizations and paired with our in-house expertise across the globe, we make the delivery of enterprise-class ABM programs that can coordinate and synchronize email achievable.

Already delivering ABM programs into 120 countries for some of the worlds’ largest B2B brands, our clients share the following differentiators between our enterprise-class capabilities and the typical startup to mid-market focused competitors:

  • Solution depth and maturity – MRP Prelytix is the only platform recognized by analysts as a “Leader” in both Predictive Analytics and Account-Based Marketing. We currently orchestrate five channels: from email and display to tele, direct mail, and sales alerts. And finally, our account-based advertising solution is the only to address enterprise-class concerns: ad fraud, ad brand governance, ad viewability, advanced targeting that can layer multiple methodologies and ensure consistency with other channels.
  • Sophisticated Administration – MRP Prelytix is the only ABM platform built to manage the needs of large organizations that consist of multiple business units and geographies. Within our connected environment, you can control and simplify the complex account targeting and reporting needs you’re certain to find.
  • Revenue Impact – MRP Prelytix is unique in its ability to measure and optimize beyond “Engagement” metrics like impressions, clicks, and Alignment with your sales brethren can only happen when your ABM program delivers actionable next steps for qualified accounts, not just rules to claim credit when clicks and website visits reach some threshold for an account.
  • Enterprise data management – While your prospects interact across channels, your data, campaigns and response exist across platforms. MRP Prelytix is the only platform to pull all this together for you.
  • Flexible, from tech to services – Each year we deploy thousands of ABM structured email campaigns for clients using our enterprise-class system, alternatively, we can connect MRP Prelytix to any of the top MAP systems and instruct them to execute orchestrated, triggered and consistent email communications. We give you choice and control.
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