Personalization Must Be Multi-Dimensional And Omnichannel

April 19, 2022 | Blog, Resources

Enterprise companies must align with customers not only through the content of their campaigns, but by delivering in the right channels at the right time, in concert with teams across the global enterprise.

Personalization is a top priority for ABM practitioners, but success can be elusive. While 83% of enterprise marketers report the pace of marketing efforts is faster than ever, with 28% reporting that the channel mix is changing 42%, more than a third admit they’re still struggling to execute successfully. For companies operating at enterprise scale, relying on isolated data signals can lead to inaccurate insights – and when repeated in siloed teams, redundant and irrelevant messaging can result.

To ensure cohesion, leading ABM practitioners recognize the importance of a comprehensive omnichannel approach that’s coordinated across the enterprise. Three-quarters of high performers surveyed by MRP say the challenge of controlling messaging across channels is important to solve. Indeed, four in five of these top performers successfully rely on three or more data sources to inform their ABM initiatives, and 84% execute campaigns across three or more channels.

Unlike startups, companies operating at enterprise scale have an existing customer base whose capabilities and needs can be uniquely addressed. Forrester notes that B2B marketing organizations are now “moving beyond focusing primarily on acquisition” to concentrate on upsell, cross-sell and retention. Proprietary research from MRP found that ABM leaders customize and target content according to the stage of the individual customer’s buying journey. MRP Prelytix enables this high degree of personalization by integrating CRM data with incoming data signals and AI-powered predictions to highlight which customers are open to new offers.

MRP’s omnichannel capabilities were highlighted when it was named a Leader in the recent Forrester New Wave™: Account-Based Marketing Platforms, Q1 2022 report. With its track record of proven omnichannel capabilities, Forrester noted, “MRP excels at mature, omnichannel ABM programs that require global data capabilities and multitenant deployments for consistent ABM strategies across many regions.” The report also noted, “As was the case in 2020, MRP offers the most native and integrated engagement channels of any vendor in this evaluation.”

Earlier this year, Demand Metric and MRP partnered to validate the different needs of SMB and enterprise ABM programs and help enterprises identify the specific capabilities and platform requirements that lead to ABM success. The ability to not only deliver messages in multiple channels, but to manage the resulting data meaningfully, were found to be the key capabilities that leading ABM practitioners have mastered.

Among ABM leaders whose initiatives deliver significant revenue impact, 80% report three or more systems contributing data to ABM, according to MRP’s research. Still more, 84%, say their tech stack is very or completely integrated – more than double the percentage of those with negative or unmeasured ABM impact, at 30%. Concluding this series of proprietary, multi-part research, “The Enterprise Marketers’ Guide to ABM” delves further into the unique principles and best practices of enterprise ABM today.


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