The Next Wave of Advertising

With global advertising expenditure forecast to reach $578 billion by the end of the year, it’s no surprise that technology and media firms alike rely heavily on digital advertising as a major income source. Unfortunately, consumers have witnessed increasingly aggressive targeting tactics in recent times, resulting in unproductive campaigns and frustrated customers. Thankfully, AI is helping businesses to combat the rise of spam advertising with less intrusive and more personalized ads. As a result, consumers can actually interact with the brands that interest them and businesses are spending less on unsolicited and aggressive tactics.

Contextually Relevant Display

While the saying goes ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, the same cannot be said about the more traditional mediums of advertising. AI now has the potential to automate the placement of scalable, measurable, and personalized ads in the background of television shows. Just this month UK broadcaster Channel 4, announced the launch of AI-driven advertising technology that allows brands to place ads that are relevant to scenes in linear TV shows for the very first time. Scanning the channel’s programming for ‘contextual moments’ and pairing it with contextually relevant advertisements during ad breaks. The aggressive targeting tactics of recent have resulted in the rise of ad blocking installations on mobile devices, therefore it is imperative that brands serve consumers the content and marketing messages that are relevant to their interests.

Advancing Outreach with Machine Learning

With and programmatic display making up 80% of all digital display advertising spend, advertising today has become an art supported by intelligence. Leveraging the power of AI, machine learning enables marketing teams to make sense of massive amounts of data, from a multitude of sources. It can then filter data in real time with an algorithm and then use those datasets to inform customer engagement tactics. An organization’s digital display outreach can then become stronger than the last as the machine makes smarter and smarter predictions based on feedback it ingests each time customers engage – or don’t – with the digital display tactics delivered to them.

Transforming Advertising Experiences with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics extract data from various sources such as ad exchanges, web trackers, and third-party data providers, and use it to predict trends and buying patterns. Providing foresight of what prospects are interested in and where they are in the buyer journey, predictive analytics can inform an organization how they should craft their advertising message accordingly. Today’s market requires us to be more deliberate about how we drive customer acquisition. With predictive analytics, the data tells the tale, allowing businesses to respond to an account’s buying intent with the right level of engagement, the right message, and the right allocation of funds and resources to convert them to pipeline. This invaluable insight informs and transforms the customer’s experience from the very earliest stages of the buying cycle.

There is no doubt AI-assisted content is critical to advertising effectiveness however only when it is combined with a strategy that truly understands intent signals and environment, that programmatic display advertising allows brands to focus on consumer engagement. MRP’s digital display offering provides clients with the visibility to track which accounts are viewing, clicking on, and converting from their advertisements and incorporate that data back into the MRP Prelytix platform. This information can then be reported on alongside other tactics at the account level. Unlike most B2B display advertising offerings, MRP’s programmatic digital display does not rely on cookies, but rather, uses more objective and up-to-date IP targeting for the most precise, up-to-date data that accurately pinpoints the right contacts and serves them the most relevant ads.

MRP Prelytix

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