New Hope In The Battle Against Account Based Spam?

B2B buyers engage with brands when the content is in the context of their needs. The quickest way to become unconnected is to shove messages that are irrelevant in the face of target account buyers. Automating sequences of these messages, regardless of how unique the media will do nothing more than scale that irrelevance. As the ABM Consortium stated – Scale is NOT a substitute for intimacy. The timing, needs and interests of each target account are varied and complex. Connecting these insights to action is the one thing that can drive revenue impact to your ABM program.

Yet even when successful, challenges persist as buyers interact with brands across channels. An account-based marketing program can’t be a channel-based point solution. McKinsey found that the average B2B buyer researched a considered vendor using an average of 6 channels, and nearly two-thirds of them left the experience upset because it was just too hard to decipher what the vendor actually did and how they solved the problems the buyer was interested in. Each channel operated in a vacuum from the other. Display Advertising is a great example of this type of silo, focused on sending display ads without the benefit of context or coordinated content delivered from other systems. Only 17% of marketers were highly confident about their ability to deliver the right message at the right time to the right prospect or customer in the right way. More fundamentally, only 27% of companies were highly confident in their ability to track the channels their customers are coming from, which suggest that attribution is still a major challenge for many marketers.

The ABM Platform Paradigm

Knowing why you deliver a message and to whom you send it is the key to high-performance. Nothing performs better than a message that speaks to the needs of a target audience, through any channel. The needs, topics of interest, timing, buyer status, and stage of engagement… all this defines the needs of your target accounts and your ability to influence their decision process.

Truly personalized target account engagement starts with real-time insights, each are a piece of the puzzle that describes the needs, areas of interest and stage of buying journey for each target account. Gathered across external data like Intent as well as internal data like marketing automation response and CRM records, this is the sole driver of successful personalized engagement. The ability to send more messages is a commodity business. Providing more insights isn’t enough.

Each target account interaction, response and inquiry, with your sales and marketing assets or across the web, is a clue you need to accurately build the puzzle that shows the needs of each target account. Research shows that when the needs of an audience are used, rather than conjecture and hope, marketing impact skyrockets: display ad interaction increases 700% and email by 450%. MRP is unique in our approach to identifying the target account insights that compose the picture of needs at each target account and deliver this value to clients by enabling them to trigger the right response in real-time.

The Secret Weapon in Your ABM Arsenal

In order to connect the timing, needs, and stage of buyers’ journey for each target account to the highest value content and most appropriate delivery channel, you need an ABM Platform that gives the control to harness data-driven power. Proper control of messages across channels produces a massive upside for marketing organizations. Forrester reports that 97% of B2B marketers confirmed an increase in revenues by using multichannel marketing. 40% of them also reported better customer satisfaction, lower cost of customer acquisition and better ROI. Transforming your customer experiences requires not only response to an organization’s intent with the right level of engagement, but the right allocation of resources to convert them to pipeline. When selecting an ABM vendor, you need to ensure that your chosen partner not only offers the right insights but translates these into revenue growth opportunities that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

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