Multitenancy Is Foundational To Enterprise-Class ABM Success

April 11, 2022 | Blog, Resources

Enterprise companies whose operations span regions, languages, and lines of business need ABM capabilities that balance enterprise-wide orchestration with granular multitenant personalization.

Enterprises typically organize teams based upon audiences or lines of business, and ABM is executed with multiple teams collaborating or operating autonomously. At the same time, regional groups and subsidiary lines of business need deep multi-tenant functionality so they can personalize across campaigns and channels, especially when tasked with marketing multiple products to similar audiences. In contrast, over half of SMBs in a recent study stated they execute ABM within the confines of a single team.

Yet only 40% of high-performing enterprise ABM leaders say they have visibility into campaigns across their organizations, enabling collaboration and coordination. When implementing ABM across numerous teams, marketers must collaborate on account insights, targeting, and reporting. Therefore, the platform needs to know how to share data broadly while separating other components. In the enterprise, this is a critical capability, and there is a strong incentive for enterprise teams to leverage a platform that has multitenant capabilities.

With its balanced approach, MRP was recently named a Leader in the Forrester New Wave™: Account-Based Marketing Platforms, Q1 2022 report, with Forrester noting, “MRP excels at mature, omnichannel ABM programs that require global data capabilities and multitenant deployments for consistent ABM strategies across many regions.”

Enterprise marketers leveraging MRP Prelytix are able to orchestrate and deliver meaningful, personalized buying journeys in real-time across multiple channels, geographies, and languages. MRP clients interviewed by Forrester praised the platform’s multitenant capabilities, quality of insights, reporting, and global support”. Reference customers stated that MRP “make(s) it easy to use across a myriad of channels online and offline,” and “has amazing global reach and customer support.”

Earlier this year, Demand Metric and MRP partnered to validate the different needs of SMB and enterprise ABM programs and help enterprises identify the specific capabilities and platform requirements that lead to ABM success. “The Enterprise Marketers’ Guide to ABM” concludes a series of proprietary, multi-part research reports that delve into the unique principles and best practices of enterprise ABM today. In addition to the new report, the fall 2021 publication “The State of ABM Maturity” identified the distinct characteristics of top enterprise ABM organizations.


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