MRP To Lead Enterprise Revenue Teams into the Next Era of Account-Based Strategies at #B2BMX

February 03, 2023 | In The Press, Resources

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Attendees can accelerate enterprise ABM success with MRP’s hosted case study session, solutions conversations, strategic insights, and more – Feb 27 – Mar 1 in Scottsdale, AZ. 

MRP, the leader in account-based solutions for the global enterprise, is proud to announce it’s attendance as a Platinum Sponsor at the 2023 B2B Marketing Exchange (B2BMX) held Feb 27 through Mar 1 in Scottsdale, Arizona. To fuel enterprise marketing success, MRP will provide a view into connected ABM customer journey solutions, industry leader insights, and resources at the conference, including feedback on driving innovation in account-based sales and marketing. 

Attendees can visit MRP’s booth (#404) and learn about the following: 

  • ABM as a Service: Meet with leaders in ABM to learn how to fuel pipeline by delivering a seamless experience across the entire buyer journey.  

  • How to develop an effective path to revenue path by efficiently engaging buyers in awareness, demand, acquisition, growth, and retention. 

  • Best practices in mature ABM and tools to assess organizational needs as well as guidance on requests for proposals (RFPs). 

In addition, MRP will host a Case Study session entitled “A Cohesive ABM Strategy: Solving Mid-Funnel Challenges” on Feb 27 at 4:10 local time, featuring: 

  • Whitney Slavin, Senior Digital Marketing Program Manager | Demand Gen/Marketing Ops  

  • Mark Ogne, Chief Marketing Officer, MRP 

Whitney and Mark will discuss how to use investigative data sourcing, actionable insights, and the power of omnichannel orchestration to maximize ROI and convert more pipeline to won revenue. Attendees can add the session to their schedule here

“B2B leaders recognize that true business impact through ABM requires mature strategies and connective solutions that adapt in real-time to today’s asynchronous buyer journeys and the increasingly fluid connections between digital and physical interactions across channels,” said Jennifer Golden, VP of Corporate Marketing at MRP.

“We look forward to sharing a roadmap to mature, high-performance ABM, as well as providing a platform to highlight Whitney Slavin’s success, particularly in mid-funnel ABM that has driven breakthrough results for her company.” 

About MRP

MRP Prelytix is the only enterprise-class predictive account-based sales and marketing platform. For organizations that serve multiple partners, lines of business, geographies, or industries, MRP Prelytix empowers sales and marketing teams to simplify their environment’s complexity and produce measurable and high-performance conversion, pipeline velocity and closed revenue. Applying the industry’s only real-time predictive analytics and data management, we fuel over 1,000 ABM engines across six continents to coordinate, execute, and optimize their ABM programs using eight channels produced in 20 languages. Powered by KX, Prelytix sits on top of the fastest streaming analytics database in the world.

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