MRP Prelytix 2.1 Delivers Enhanced Analytics

Prelytix 2.1 Interview

MRP Prelytix 2.1 Delivers Enhanced Analytics, Faster Ecosystem Integrations, And Integrated Contact Acquisition

An Interview with James Regan, Co-Founder and CMO of MRP, and Jaime Romero, VP of Customer success.

James Regan: Jaime, last September, we rolled out a significant upgrade to our predictive analytics platform, Prelytix 2.0. Now, just six months later, we’re rolling out Prelytix 2.1. What kind of enhancements can our customers expect from our latest release?

Jaime Romero: We are constantly striving to make Prelytix a better tool. Here’s a snapshot of what’s new.

The user experience: Prelytix 2.1 distinguishes the user experience for sales and for marketing – to provide functionality specific to each of these roles within an organization. Marketing and sales interact with data, customers, and prospects differently, and this new user interface is designed to help each role extract more value from the platform.

New sales and reporting functionality: Prelytix 2.1 includes enhanced filtering capabilities such as custom filters and more robust activity filters. It also includes new sales tools like contact ordering, which allow sales teams to uncover contacts at accounts where they are finding insights to drive action. And, Prelytix 2.1 has a new program analytics view that allows our customers to see performance results from their marketing execution programs such as display advertising, email, direct mail, and inside sales.

Enhanced integration abilities: Prelytix 2.1 has an entirely new integration layer that builds new connections lightning fast, allowing the platform to integrate with any tool or platform in just minutes.

Data enhancements: With this version of Prelytix, customers are able to upload their own client and prospect data into the platform. This data impacts the ABM score generated by Prelytix, making the resulting account prioritization more relevant to each customer.

MRP Audience: This is completely new functionality within the platform. It allows our customers to activate our data in tools like LiveRamp, enabling them to layer Prelytix data into their media buys.

James Regan: A lot of our clients struggle with execution. They have all this great data, but they don’t know what to do with it. One of MRP’s key differentiators is our ability to orchestrate and operationalize marketing tactics based on the predictive output of Prelytix. What kind of orchestration enhancements will our clients see in Prelytix 2.1?

Jaime Romero: Orchestration is a big focus for us for that very reason. There is a real execution gap in the market, so with each new software release, we are adding enhancements that make it easier for our customers to create and execute comprehensive multi-channel ABM programs. With Prelytix 2.1, customers can now seamlessly execute email, direct mail, inside sales, and display campaigns across multiple segments of targeted accounts. And the insights from Prelytix ensure that they are driving the right message at the right time.

James Regan: That’s great! But it’s important to note that our customers don’t have to go it alone. We have an entire team of customer success managers who are there to support them. How does this team help with ABM execution?

Jaime Romero: We have customer success experts that help our customers help at every stage of the execution process.

On-boarding and training: For the first 30 days of implementation, a dedicated on-boarding team helps each customer configure the system to meet their specific needs. They work with customers to define segments and keywords, conduct training with both marketing and sales, and provide documentation on how to extract the most value from Prelytix.

Program execution: Our campaign execution team works with customers to develop program strategies from both a creative and execution perspective. The team oversees the execution of the entire campaign, from creative development to the proper execution of orchestration tactics to lead delivery. The team also works with customers to analyze results and refine program tactics.

Technical support: MRP also offers consulting and data science support services to our customers to help them get the most out of their instance of Prelytix. MRP consultants work with sales to ensure they are able to extract valuable customer data; they can also build custom data models using Prelytix insights.

James Regan: So what’s next?

Jaime Romero: Over the next few months, we will be rolling out a new look-alike modeling tool that allows sales and marketing to pick companies and a conversion type and find other companies that have similar research behaviors. We do on-going optimization to the AI engines that drive the platform to ensure constant performance improvement. Website personalization will be here soon, and we’re looking at potential partnerships that will help extend the value of Prelytix into other areas of the marketing stack.

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