MRP Intent Trends Report: COVID-19

May 01, 2020 | Resources, Whitepapers

Global, life-changing events are making an indelible impression across the technology industry, including some of the key players. Read this report to understand the inside view of how working from home is impacting unified communications and video conferencing solutions.

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Intent Trends Report – Working From Home, the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no getting around the fact that recent months have been a terrible experience for all. If one were to try to find a silver lining on this dark cloud, it’s been a learning experience for hundreds of millions of people around the world. And, this may become the “new normal” as we move through the next few years.

Are you keeping up with the market growth or falling behind?
  • Vendors in the technology space should read this report to determine if their growth is outpacing market trends.
Working From Home Is Real
  • 230MM people are estimated to be working from home across North America and Europe.
  • Working From Home is more prevalent in Europe than the US.
This Is The New Reality 
  • Working From Home is projected to stabilize at a level 3X Greater than the beginning of this year, even after Covid-19 subsides.
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