MRP Explores AI for Business in New Podcast

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WHAT: Artificial intelligence is one of the most talked about concepts in the business world, and yet it’s also one of the least understood ideas. Sales and marketing leaders around the globe are only scratching the surface of AI’s potential to reimagine business operations.

On August 28, MRP launches the first episode of a weekly podcast to explore the many applications of AI for businesses.

In the first episode, Jim Regan, CMO and co-founder of MRP, and guest David McLaughlin, CEO of Quantaverse will discuss:

  • How Quantaverse uses AI and machine learning
  • The advancements of technology that have impacted David’s work
  • How AI impacts financial services
  • How AI will shape the future of financial services
  • “Rules-based” versus cognitive computing

New episodes will be available each week.

WHERE: Listen to the podcast here: AI for B2B Sales and Marketing.

WHEN: The AI for B2B Sales and Marketing podcast launches on August 28, 2018

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