Mobile Marketing For Your Target Clients

Once you have been able to identify the demographics of your target audience through the use of intent data, you will know how they utilize their phones and how they get there – and there is a difference amongst the generations. Once you have identified the demographics, you can create campaigns tailored to their specific interests. What makes the mobile medium a great one for many marketers is that there are so many different tools you can have in your arsenal to reach that audience on a level that is unprecedented. With the right tools, you can do it with immediacy and in great detail. Of course, when put together, this will increase ROI that you can monitor and track.

People Are Searching On Mobile

The number of people who are searching for things on their phones has increased radically over the last few decades and that number continues to grow. Depending on your industry, people may be searching for you more often than they search for other things. For example, restaurants, stores, salons, and other service oriented businesses are likely to see more people searching for their actual name on Google, maps tools, and review sites. Often, these will be on apps like Yelp, Google Maps, FourSquare, and food delivery services.

Other businesses still likely get quite a bit of search traffic. This can come from Google or searches that don’t exactly look for them directly. Instead, these searches are for specific goods or services without looking for a brand name.

Make Sure Your Mobile Website Works

If people are going to come to your website on their mobile phones, you have to ensure that your website works. Even the most carefully planned mobile marketing strategy will fail if, when someone gets to your website, they cannot navigate it. You want to ensure that it works with various operating systems, connections, and phones. While most people coming to your website might be a specific type of phone (for example, an iPhone), those using an Android still need to find a working website.

Utilize Location-Based Discounts If Applicable

In today’s technological landscape, you can easily hyper-target your audience by using social media platforms that are frequented routinely by mobile users. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to make your audience aware of your products, services, and specials can be a great way to build up your client base with local people.

Consider placing advertising and PPC campaigns on popular mobile apps, review apps, and on their online counterparts.

Streamline Your Marketing Process

The most effective mobile marketing campaigns will never be the easiest to do. You have to find out information about your audience and where they go (typically, older targets will be on LinkedIn or Facebook whereas younger audiences are on Instagram and Twitter). Allowing your audience to share contact with people that they feel connected to will spread your marketing organically.

Make sure to integrate sharing features on your website whenever possible. Of course, you want your social media posts to be sharable (and they usually are automatically) but you want your blog posts, videos, infographics, and web pages easily sharable.

Incorporate Videos Into Your Process

Most of the internet today sways toward multimedia posts and there is nothing quite like video – that is why YouTube is so pivotal. A few short, funny, informative clips and you are a marketing genius. However, it does take more work than that: you need everything to be streamlined and perfected. You don’t want to have weird cuts or embarrassing facial expressions. You have to use a bit of finesse and find ways to be interesting but still professional in what you have to sell.

Our abilities to interact with and engage with our target clients in real time are the strongest selling points of marketing today. While getting attention is important, you have to actually make conversions. Above all else, make sure that you are using tools that are of high quality. When you work with MRP, you can use our predictive analytics tools to figure out which social media websites your target clients frequent, how you connect with them there, and even the content that you design. Contact us today for more information.


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