Marketing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

One of the best ways to ensure that you continue to evolve and thrive in the business and marketing world is to learn continually, whether that means learning new tools and tricks to target your marketing qualified leads or just new terms that you should know when talking to other professionals. Stagnation simply isn’t an option for many people. A great thing about living in today’s world is that you don’t have to read books or even attend conferences to get that information. Marketing podcasts help you to get the information while you are in the car, at the gym, or just doing some housework.

However, there are a lot of podcasts out there and many of them aren’t helpful. The ones that are, however, can be game-changing. Here are some of the podcasts that we suggest:

Social Media Examiner Podcast

A clear favorite for everyone is the Social Media Examiner, a very popular blog that was turned into an equally beneficial podcast hosted by founder Michael Stelzner. If you do any marketing in social media, this one cannot be missed. Even if you are just starting out (or if you have already found success), you will find something here that can help you.

For 45-minutes, you will get success stories, up to date changes, insider tips, and tricks that can help you to improve. New episodes are released twice a week without fail.

Marketing Over Coffee

John Wall and Christopher Penn host Marketing Over Coffee, a podcast that focuses on the larger picture of the marketing industry. You will get bits and pieces of information that cover a wide range of topics. If you are new to podcasts, this might be a place to start. Over time, it will feel like you are having a conversation (though you cannot participate in real time) with friends.

This podcast is released weekly and has varying lengths, so don’t be afraid to jump around their archives for topics that interest you.

Everyone Hates Marketers

Since March of 2017, Everyone Hates Marketers has been a fantastic resource for people who like their podcasts with some humor and a giant dose of reality. There are over 90 episodes posted with the host, Louis Grenier, Content Lead at Hotjar, and some truly interesting guests.

This is the podcast for those who are sick of the manipulative marketing methods and figuring out ways to increase web traffic, get more marketing and sales qualified leads, and win long term profits. These are longer, so make sure you are prepared – you won’t want to stop in the middle.

Hack the Entrepreneur

Hack the Entrpreneur is a good place to start for those who don’t want to dedicate a lot of time to listening to podcasts. If you have a short drive or like to take walks on your lunch break, these are the episodes for you. Jon Nastor talks to entrepreneurs about the different behaviors and habits they take on that have led them to success. While this doesn’t focus on marketing at the heart, almost every episode mentions it. You can also look at episode discussions to see if there is something there for you – but there isn’t any fluff in this one.

Want To Go Beyond Listening To Podcasts & Put These Methods To Work For Yourself?

Listening to podcasts can help you to improve your marketing techniques. However,  One of the best ways to go about this is to use Predictive Analytics. These tools look deep into your targeted audience and potential leads. From there, you can go in almost any direction.

When you try different techniques, you will be able to market yourself, your services, and your products effectively. Finding out some great information from podcasts by those who have been successful is just one of the ways to start.  With MRP’s tools, you can work with industry-leading experts that help you to hone in on what content to develop based on search habits, website behavior, and the pains of your target accounts.

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