Marketing to HR Profesionals Using Predictive Data

June 27, 2016

Across all verticals, predictive analytics, such as MRP’s Delta Marketing Cloud, is a new way to leverage big data to market to human resources professionals. A big pain point for software and service providers selling into HR is the high level of competition in the market, which means marketing and sales are under a lot of pressure to uncover opportunities and build pipeline.

Predictive analytics offers companies an unprecedented view into the buyer journey of companies identifying and solving human resource pain points regularly. The analytics you can glean from a predictive tool are actionable and provide an account based view on the buyer journey from an entire buying team.

The Insight: Buying Triggers

Why it’s Useful: Helps you Differentiate

Imagine an HR team realizes that their health care policy is up for renewal soon, so they go online and begin to research COBRA intensively. Predictive can capture that research, giving the sales team the insight they need to create a personalized pitch with a value prop that addresses that account’s specific concerns at that specific timel. It not only gives you the opportunity to make contact at the right time, but also allows you to deliver the information the buyer is looking for.

The Insight: Profitability Analysis

Why it’s Useful: Helps you Spend your Budget Wisely

At MRP, we’ve learned the importance of prioritizing high-value accounts to maximize ROI. One example is that instead of sending out promotional items or marketing collateral to a mass mailing list, you could allocate your budget to just those accounts with a high propensity to buy. This helps you spend your budget more wisely and put more resources toward the prospects that are likely to have a worthy ROI. It’s budget-efficient and improves your conversion rate.

The Insight: Look-a-Like Analysis

Why it’s Useful: Turns One Good Account into Many Prospects

Prelytix can locate prospects that are similar to accounts you have already successfully converted, which is a big leg-up in terms of competition. For example, if you’re selling a payroll tool, and you’ve recently closed a big deal with a company, you’ll want to look for other companies with a similar size, who have similar buying behaviors, and who may even use the payroll tool your latest customer has just switched from. Predictive can help you figure out what it is that worked in a successful conversion and seek it elsewhere. Predictive tools are designed to help you understand that information and seek it out in other prospects.

When you’re in a highly competitive industry like human resources where you might only have a handful of big-name competitors, it’s important to swoop in on a prospect quickly and allocate your budget wisely.


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