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Leveraging Predictive Customer Acquisition

You know one of your greatest marketing challenges is to keep your sales funnel full. However, it is even more important to know the prospects entering that funnel are the highest quality possible.

Leveraging Predictive Technology

Providing you with the latest and most effective tools for account-based marketing is the mission of MRP. We fulfill that role by delivering the highest quality data at each stage of the buyer’s journey, converting prime prospects into profitable customers.

With our new rebrand and our new website we make your marketing and sales needs a priority by providing a true end-to-end account-based and customized marketing solution.

We’ve listened to our customers and know that in your organization to be successful you:

  • Need better visibility into who of your target market is ready to buy and where they are in their buyer journey
  • Want access to resources and skill sets that can help you build a highly targeted account based marketing strategy
  • Need a platform that provides you with the data and analytics to support your sales and marketing strategy at a global level

MRP understands the details required to capture and nurture your best prospects. MRP Prelytix allows you to target each of the points where you have the best chance of attracting and retaining an active prospect, and even lowering customer churn:

  • Discovery. Aligning keywords and content with your sales and marketing goals is the first vital step in meeting those targets.
  • Insights. You are provided with deep insights into your market’s intent and accounts actively researching your offerings.
  • Orchestration. We offer a symphony of tactics and tools that will map your chosen content to specific buyer stages, topics, and on-point keywords.
  • Execution. The carefully crafted approach to your prospects will be a melody they want to hear as our managed services team feeds your funnel the opportunities created at each stage of your prospect and buyer’s journey.

Learn more about how predictive intelligence can quicken the pace of your customer funnel by using AI technology in your sales efforts.Learn more about how predictive intelligence can quicken the pace of your customer funnel by using AI technology in your sales efforts.

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