Keep Your Buyer In Focus: 5 Key Pitfalls To Avoid In Enterprise-Class ABM

As the debate over account-based marketing “best practices” rages on, perhaps the biggest struggle lies with enterprise-class marketing and sales organizations.

Why? In their world, ABM must extend across numerous channels already in motion, and the needs and timing of their audience become the driver of revenue impact and the right customer experience (CX). This is at odds with most published best practices, which simply reflects the early-stage capabilities of a vendor platform.

In the absence of these capabilities, enterprise-class marketing and sales professionals are forced into a “box” that doesn’t fit their needs and are told to operate ABM as a disconnected silo, leaving the buyer out of the equation.

This session will cover:

  • How to avoid the five most common pitfalls that prevent organizations from building a true enterprise-class, buyer-focused ABM program;
  • Best practices, fresh thinking and advanced technology currently being deployed by leading brands to anticipate the buyer journey to build ROI; and
  • Real-world success stories showcasing how B2B companies are using AI to keep up with their audiences and stay ahead of their competition.

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