Whitepaper: Integrating Email At The Core Of Your ABM Program

One of the greatest opportunities in ABM today is to integrate the insights and messaging power of B2B marketing’s most valuable communication channel: Email Marketing.

Above all, email has shown to be the preferred choice with 81% of marketers crediting it for driving conversions in the latter phases of the sales funnel.

Clearly email, continues to be one of the most powerful and effective tactics for marketers looking to build awareness, engagement and conversion. Despite these advantages, most B2B marketers continue to treat email as a separate entity, underestimating its value and missing out on a complete ABM strategy.

This gap between ABM practitioners and their vendors represents a mountain of lost opportunity. Regardless of the existence of an ABM program, B2B marketers send millions of emails per month and their ability to use these efforts to learn about target account interests is wasted, and the customer experience and content strategy of every one of those emails is disconnected from the account based messages they were intended to receive.

Could ignoring email be the reason why your strategy is incomplete and not delivering on the promise of ABM? Learn how email could save your ABM program by downloading MRP’s latest whitepaper today:



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