Humanizing The Account-Based Marketing Experience

An effective ABM strategy must be humanistic — for both the company looking to roll-out account-based marketing, as well as the target market. We need to look beyond the technology, tools, and tactics used to plan and execute programs. People make purchase decisions…not accounts.

Beyond superficial elements, you also want to delve into some factors that will likely have more variance across companies within your target account list. This may include factors such as:
• Culture – is it top-down or bottom-up? Are individuals in the organization empowered to find solutions to business problems or are those solutions handed down to them from the executive suite?
• Decision-making process – is it centralized, decentralized, long-term or short-term
• Purchase cycle – how often do they evaluate new products and solutions? Are they in a research or purchase cycle now?
• Technologies – what technologies, solutions, and partners are they using today and how does your company fit into that picture?

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