How To Improve Your Email Marketing Performance By 400%

October 03, 2018 | Blog, Resources

Email marketing is one of the most widely adopted marketing channels, but most often left out of ABM strategies.Yet research shows that email marketing performs 400% better with actionable data. This is where MRP Prelytix comes into play.

Email is such a critical component to an ABM program we’ve created unsurpassed flexibility for you to succeed with it. Each year we deploy thousands of ABM structured email campaigns for clients using our enterprise-class system, alternatively, we can connect MRP Prelytix to any of the top MAP systems and instruct them to execute orchestrated, triggered and consistent email communications. We give you choice and control. Our solution is programmatic, applying insights to trigger the send of each message and coordinate content approach with other platforms. Your ability to control email as a mainstay of your ABM program is a must-have.

Connecting Insights

Email is the most highly adopted channel and likely your most prolific means to communicate. However, these systems struggle to operate in an account structured environment and typically conflict with ABM programs. MRP Prelytix changes all of that. Today, your marketing automation system can become a central figure in your ABM program, allowing you to both trigger and control account and buyer specific messages, and feed invaluable 1st party data back into our predictive algorithms, multiplying future success.

Conversations, not Campaigns

Customers and prospects have learned to filter out the noise, so your email marketing strategy needs to be well-timed, relevant, and coordinated with other touch points. It’s no longer adequate to simply push send, MRP Prelytix enables you to shift from a large silo of disconnected message streams, to an ABM powerhouse built for target account engagement.


As you follow prospects along their buyer journey, the tactics used and content delivered have to match that journey. The MRP Prelytix ABM engine enables you to execute email drips within your marketing automation systems. As soon as an account enters a particular buying stage, the module triggers the marketing automation platform to send a series of content-specific emails that align to the prospect’s buyer journey. This also means forgoing broad segmentation in favor of more individualized communication. Emails that can appeal to too large of a crowd in the B2B community only add to noise, and should become a thing of the past. In fact, according to DMA, over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all campaigns.

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