How to Implement the New SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall With MRP’s Predictive Analytics Software

How to Implement the Demand Unit Waterfall & Optimize it with Predictive Analytics

With the continued changes to B2B processes and technologies, the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall is a new way of defining B2B buyers. Watch this on-demand webinar and learn best practices for implementing this new model. Discover how the demand waterfall can help you drive demand, improve, optimize revenue performance throughout your organization, and learn how predictive analytics can how optimize it.

Learn How Predictive Analytics and Your Demand Waterfall Can Work Together

Join Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions, and James Regan, CMO and Co-Founder at MRP as they discuss SiriusDecision’s new account-centric approach which focuses on the need for an account based marketing strategy. James will also go through how the new SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall will work with MRP’s predictive analytics software, and further impact targeted lead generation. This webinar will guide you through how the Demand Unit Waterfall tracks the progression of demand units from beginning to end, all the way through to closed/won deals.

Additionally, you will learn how MRP Prelytix provides a dynamic, streaming view into the intent of your target market so you know who is in market now. Start prioritizing your target market through the combination of streaming intent data and historical account intelligence!

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