How To Harness The Power Of Who You Know

September 26, 2018 | Podcast, Resources

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Or more accurately, it’s who you and your co-workers know. By looking at who people in your company already know, you may just be able to double your business just by activating those existing relationships.

In the latest episode of our Artificial Intelligence for B2B Marketing podcast series, we invited Steve Amedio, CEO at TKXS, to discuss how his company is harnessing the power of who they know to increase business and revenue.

Which got us thinking – How can AI help foster business relationships?

In the era of data driven marketing, every interaction, whether direct or indirect, provides insights and represents an opportunity to deepen relationships. However, masses of interactions across multiple communication channels, can threaten your ability to build strong business relationships and leverage your network’s value.

Predictive Engagement with Your Business Contacts

Predictive analytics give you an unparalleled level of visibility of your communication channels traffic and where that traffic is originating. When it comes to marketing content, tracking traffic peaks and valleys can help you to sharpen the timing and placement of content, while elevating your creatives and messaging. Insights like customer sentiments should be directing your content strategy, from content conception stage right through to the evaluation of the success of your efforts.

Remaining Relevant through Awareness

If you were to consider a piece of your content is gaining a lot of traffic from a certain vertical – for example, a blog about the use of disruptive technologies like AI gathering a lot of clicks from people in the finance industry. Now you have useful awareness about what’s happening in that industry. Maybe there has been an increase in fund managers assessing what digital transformation means for the economy, or maybe there’s a shift in the mortgage industry, with chatbots now increasingly interacting with customers. Not only will this help you focus your content on the service offerings that hit these hot points of interest, it also gives you insights into industry trends that serve as a competitive advantage.

Improving Conversion with Conversations

In today’s account-based sales and marketing environments, lead management and routing often requires different processes and actions. To gain the full picture of target account engagement, leads need to be evaluated against demand unit role fit and passed to the sales team with a deeper contextual description. To maximize sales engagement potential, target account leads need to be ‘wrapped’ with a full picture of other recent leads, sales and marketing response trends (across channels), and topics of interest demonstrated across the account. This way they’ll engage more quickly, have better conversations and convert opportunities to pipeline revenue faster.

In the end, relationships in business are money, and the best way to grow and retain your customer base is to cultivate these relationships.

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