How Can Your Marketing Better Connect With Leads?

More and more companies are worried about aligning their inbound sales with their inbound marketing in order to bolster revenue, leads, productivity, and ROI. When it comes to finding B2B leads, you need to connect with your best sales leads (or any other kind of leads you may be worried about). These are the people who you want to spend your time, energy, and budget reaching. The ones you should move efficiently through the sales funnel so that they become your client.

The problem that some organizations have is that they aren’t sure how to connect with leads without seeming too pushy. The truth is that you do have to walk a fine line – but it is possible. Connecting with leads can be intimidating for some people and easy for others – the best thing you can do is continue to work on it.

Write Blogs They Want To Read

What pain points do your ideal customers have that your products and services can address? Blogs can be a lot of work because you need to read them, write them, publicize them, and figure out whether they are working. It does take time, but it will be well worth it.

Your marketing team will likely write your blogs because you want to use them to funnel your leads. Use intent data and information to figure out what you want to write about – try not to take a shot in the dark. At the very least, look for keyword opportunities.

In order to be a good blog writer, you have to be a good blog reader. Read blogs of your competition, people that are in the same niche, and just topics you are interested in – you will start to see what works and what does not.

Use Your Social Media As You Should

This one seems fairly obvious, but far too many B2B organizations aren’t using social media – and why? You should be. There is no avoiding the social media behemoths of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for your business – and potentially others, depending what you do (Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. all have places for B2B businesses).

At the very least, connect with leads on these platforms:

Twitter: Every business needs to be on Twitter, no matt what you are. Not only can it help to reach B2B and B2C audiences, but it can also give you an insight into the prospect’s interests, questions, challenges, and work. Follow your sales leads on Twitter and interact with them – with discretion.

LinkedIn: This is the holy grail for B2B leads. Studies have shown that the top salespeople spend hours on LinkedIn every week – you should do the same. Don’t use LinkedIn passively. Connect with your prospects on posts, in messages, in groups, and just as links. There are some great functions here so if you aren’t using it, you are cutting yourself off at the legs.

Call Them – No Seriously, Call Them

This might seem obvious but people are abandoning it quickly, and it is part of the reason they are seeing diminishing returns. Calling should be second nature to those who need to connect with leads, even if it feels old fashioned. Cold calling isn’t the suggestion here, but you should connect with people who are already in the funnel.

Call at the times when it is most effective. Find out when they are looking at your website, searching Google, or just browsing social media and then make the connection there. You will have to act quickly to do this properly.

Don’t Let B2B Leads Escape Your Grasp

For many people, the quest for B2B leads, on social media, through calls, and even in person, is a long one – though they are attainable in many ways, we use the same old methods and tactics that aren’t helpful. The secret is to find a method that works for you and then continue to use it over and over again. For all of these connection methods, you will benefit from having access to intent data that can help to clear up some of the common questions about when, where, how, and why to contact leads.

It goes without saying that no method is entirely without work, risk, or money. In fact, most methods take at least one of those and time. However, with tools like the ones from MRP, you will be able to work your way through the swamp much more quickly than you can imagine – and perhaps find your go-to tactics to get more B2B leads instantly.

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