How Can AI & Machine Learning Improve Account Based Marketing?

September 12, 2018 | Podcast, Resources

Let’s face it: While Account Based Marketing drives customization and personalization, solely focusing on marketing tactics can sometimes distract you from the big picture. Account Based Marketing works in a way that may appear high-level, but the truth is that suddenly your target accounts can become segmented, without context. While you may have an idea about your target accounts based on a buyer persona, these tools don’t integrate the true essence of who you’re trying to target. With machine learning, we can understand the complexities of what it means to be in an active buying position.


When you’re building a marketing strategy for your business, you learn how to ask the right questions, like how can machine learning improve our account based marketing program?


We invited Mark Ogne, one of the founding fathers of ABM and now CEO of the ABM Consortium, as a guest on our latest Artificial Intelligence for B2B Marketing podcast. During the recording we talked about using the digital footprints of an account to identify the changing needs of an audience and how machine learning can identify the right creative against a client’s needs scenario.


One of the major hurdles to machine learning is that it takes time to learn a new system.  But the technology that’s available today is surpassing human interaction in ways that make it more accessible than ever. Deep learning is powerful with problem-solving, not just for developers but for B2B marketers who want to win new business.

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