How AI Is Helping Market Products That Ultimately Save Lives

November 05, 2018 | Podcast, Resources

Saama Technologies, a leader in the advanced clinical data and analytics industry, is unleashing AI for the pharmaceutical industry and the life sciences at large. We recently invited Crystal Black, Director of Marketing Programs at Saama, to join us as a guest on the latest episode in our Artificial Intelligence for B2B Marketing podcast. Discussing what it means to be using NLU (Natural Language Understanding) to capture data in the language of nurses and doctors, we then look to turning that data into usable analytics.

Notoriously wary of digital transformation, the pharmaceutical industry is ripe for disruption. Having relied on spreadsheets for far too long, pharma is now looking to AI for data centralization to bring in unstructured data, and the metrics-based predictive analysis that a company like Saama provides.

And it’s precisely by embracing these technologies that we can become more conscious and tactful in our engagement strategy. In an era where our brains are constantly in ‘interrupt’ mode–whether from social media or the modern open office space–we’re almost primed to take a knee-jerk approach to AI. But instead of jumping at every touch, at every potential opportunity without question or predictive strategy, Black argues that we should be more diligent about letting go of weak matches, and that we should strive to make more conscious decisions, based on AI-metrics, about whom we engage.

This overall arch to Saama’s strategy has led to their adoption of ‘multi-touch attribution’ ABM. In an enterprise sale, just like there isn’t only one DM, there’s also not only one touch point. Whether through ads, vendor shows, or e-mail, an account may engage your marketing content over a dozen times, and yet every touch except the first and the last will often slip through the cracks.

Yet it’s today’s progressive marketing executives who are asking: how do you execute machine learning on every touch point–simultaneously across multiple displays? While everyone has their own answer to this next-gen question, Saama’s cutting-edge approach to AI shows just how vastly limiting the old ways of measuring engagement are. Tracking ads and clicks–it’s not only a thing of the past, it’s prehistoric compared to what’s possible today.

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