Join Demand Gen Report & MRP for a Step-by-Step Guide to Fueling Enterprise ABM Success

October 20, 2021 | Blog, Resources, Webinars

Roadmap to Revenue: Proven Strategies to Accelerate ABM Success webinar takes place on November 4th at 1 pm ET as part of Demand Gen Report’s Strategy and Planning Series 2021

Account-based marketing (ABM) is at the top of B2B marketers’ budget wish lists for the coming year, but demonstrating immediate ROI can often be difficult.  New research shows that only an elite group of companies have cracked the code to produce significant positive impact to the bottom line. 

MRP has done the hard work of analyzing these successful strategies across thousands of marketers, and has turned shared best practices into a playbook that will help speed maturity and profitability for ABM initiatives.  

MRP will join Demand Gen Report managing editor Kelly Lindenau to reveal these key strategies for success and recommended steps for implementation on Thursday, November 4, at 1 pm ET, in a webinar titled “Roadmap To Revenue: Proven Strategies To Accelerate ABM Success.” The interactive virtual event, which is part of Demand Gen Report’s Strategy and Planning Series 2021 #SPS2021, arms enterprise marketers with concrete insights into:

    • The number and types of job roles that ABM leaders include in their initiatives;
    • The role of intent data and other third-party sources versus institutional knowledge for top marketers;
    • The importance of data visibility and integration to ABM success; and
    • The top methods ABM leaders use to deliver and personalize marketing messages.

Attendees will also gain access to primary research on the State of ABM Maturity that provides industry-first learning and insight into ABM success, including:

  • Collaborate, Don’t Isolate. For ABM leaders, multiple job roles and multiple teams are involved in ABM execution. ABM leaders include 36%  more roles in their initiatives compared to those who report unmeasured or negative ABM revenue impact. 
  • Data management really matters.  ABM leaders wield more data from more sources more effectively than other companies.  Eight in 10 (80%) of top performers report 3 or more systems contribute data to ABM – and how they use and manage this data sets them apart.
  • Make it easier for buyers to buy: High performers know their audiences, identify target accounts needs, and consistently deliver messages across product and solution areas. 84% of ABM leaders use three or more systems to deliver marketing messages, and 46% automatically adjust content to match viewers’ stage of engagement within the customer lifecycle.

Sign up today for this valuable Nov. 4 session, and be sure to download the accompanying MRP whitepaper for additional insights. If you’re ready to see how MRP’s industry-leading solution can fuel your company’s ABM success in 2022 and beyond, contact us to request a demo

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