Empowering Your ABM Strategy Through Email Integration

One of the greatest opportunities in ABM today is to integrate the data and messaging of marketing’s most valuable communication channel, email marketing. So why is it that most B2B marketers ignore the role of email when it comes to ABM? Is it because most ABM platforms ignore email? Quite possibly. In fact, only a select few ABM platforms have the ability to gather insights from a clients’ email ecosystem and deliver coordinated messages back. Therefore, could ignoring email be the reason why your strategy isn’t delivering on the promise of ABM?

Given the proliferation of digital marketing channels, decision makers need to understand how a mature channel like email fits into the marketing mix. However, legacy systems struggle to operate in an account-structured environment and typically conflict with ABM programs. To succeed in today’s market, email marketing needs to become a central figure in your ABM program, allowing you to both trigger and control account and buyer specific messages, and feed invaluable 1st party data back into a predictive engine, multiplying future success.

No Silver Bullet

While Account Based Marketing is a powerful strategy, it’s only as powerful as your ability to deliver consistent, on topic messages across all of your platforms. Despite reports that the coordination of messages can increase the impact of marketing by 77%, nearly 70% of customers still discount vendors simply because they confuse their content approach across channels.

Successfully assimilating email marketing into an ABM strategy requires marketing organizations to consolidate their efforts in order to standardize and streamline all operations. When this process is done right, organizations can rediscover a channel that reliably delivers superior results where so many glorified solutions falters.

Creating an email marketing strategy that delivers value at every interaction requires better targeting, personalization and detailed customer understanding. Analysis of internal data sources and the wealth of external sources that exist can provide these key insights,  from content interactions to digital feedback and external intent cues.

More Than Just Another Ad Medium

Prospects are more likely to interact with personalized content and engagement rates climb when content is tailored to their specific needs. To reach those elevated engagement rates also means working in tandem with other communication streams to create a true multi-channel presence.

To attract attention and build engagement, B2B marketers must shift their email marketing strategies from product-focused to engagement-focused. When email content is solely focused on features and functions, it fails to engage prospects who need to know that your brand and product can meet their needs. Marketers must assess their ability to create interest, relevance, and relationships with customers by producing and distributing content that addresses customer concerns and delivers visible value. Customers and prospects have learned to filter out the noise, it’s no longer adequate to simply push send.

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