Democratization of technology: Accelerating Optimization with Intel’s AI Product Group

November 05, 2018 | Podcast, Resources

The term democratization is usually used in reference to “expanding access to the masses” or “making something easy and accessible to many.” The democratization of technology and software development has been occurring across many industries and markets. The past three decades have witnessed computing evolving from being the domain of a select group, to being accessible to millions. Companies like Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Salesforce have become dominant players because of their adoption of developer-centric, platform-driven, and at least partially if not wholly “open” approaches to their businesses. The simple emerging rule is that those platforms that build and enable communities are those that thrive.

MRP recently had the pleasure of being joined by Huma Abidi—Engineering Director in Intel’s AI Product Group on the latest episode in our AI for B2B Marketing podcast. During our discussion we considered why tech-democratization allows breakthroughs to quickly build upon one another, resulting in accelerated optimization for those with both a collaborative mind and an eye for piecing-together different innovations published at the communal level.

In stride with her boundary-pushing activity at the level of software and hardware, Abidi has a passion for inspiring young women to consider tech-engineering as a career—and for improving women’s access to education overall. By introducing young women to engineering through hands-on demonstrations (think hackathons and internships) of the field, Abidi says, you can make a much more powerful impression about just how fascinating and dynamic the field is. Teach by example, and the next generation of women engineers will be born.

Intel’s success with this approach provides ample testimony to the truth of Abidi’s claim. By embracing the vast scale of idea-exchange afforded by democratization, Intel has shown how the timeline for development can decrease at a newly rapid rate, one proportionate to the hyper-scalable processes afforded by truly cutting-edge AI. This speed afforded by AI affects not only development, but also the deployment of the technology itself. Take, for example, Intel’s deployment of AI in the Brazilian transportation economy: fully automating the detection of traffic violations and the distribution of tickets, Intel was able to generate 45,000,000 tickets—across 35,000 cameras—in the production of 1 billion U.S. dollars.

That’s why Intel’s mission is to serve as a role model and advocate for the democratization of technology. In other words, by focusing on open-source software and making it accessible to developers, AI and Machine Learning developments are being made extremely quickly — ultimately, helping their clients predict and stay ahead of the unique challenges their businesses face.


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