The Evolution of Demand Generation: The Digital River Story

The key to success for B2B marketers in today’s marketing environment is to put the right messages in front of the right accounts. Predictive analytics and account-based are two ways to make that happen. The combination of these two allows companies to focus on accounts that are most likely to buy, and to deploy customized tactics to each account.


Join Mike Thyne, Senior Director of Performance Marketing for Digital River, and James Regan, CMO and co-founder at MRP, as they discuss how Digital River transformed its marketing strategy from broad-based demand generation to highly targeted account-based marketing.


Here’s what you’ll know after this webinar:

  • How predictive analytics enables companies to do true ABM
  • How to develop, validate, and grow the ideal client profile (ICP) to focus efforts behind sales goals
  • How to put the right message in front of the right accounts


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