Data is the Fuel to Power Enterprise Growth in 2022

December 20, 2021 | Blog, Resources

Data has never been more important to ABM practitioners.  Leaders from AMD, Google, and Infinite Blue share their strategies for success.

Data – and the corresponding ability to understand intent, predict action, and orchestrate omnichannel engagement – has never been more important to ABM practitioners. MRP Prelytix provides superior connectivity to our customer’s data and Martech stack, ingesting more than 1.7 trillion signals a month in multiple languages from locations around the world, Prelytix sits on top of the fastest streaming analytics database in the world, approximately 50  times faster than Hadoop, to ensure enterprise marketers can turn data into real connections and real revenue growth. 

When it comes to driving successful enterprise ABM programs, there is no one better than MRP’s leading-edge customers. As we head into 2022, here are insights and strategies from the best in the business. 

Automate to orchestrate.

Speaking at MRP’s virtual summit, “Enterprise ABM: From Complexity to Clarity to Success,” Devon Wellbrock, SVP of Enterprise Sales Americas at MRP, described how, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, clients relied heavily on face-to-face events and meetings to build the relationships that closed deals. In 2020, their sales and marketing teams had to pivot to a digital-first approach, which meant marrying intent signals with geographic, technographic and firmographic data to identify which prospects were actively in market, and tailor strategies accordingly. 

Automating the delivery of highly personalized content and messaging based on the stage of the buyer journey and specific actions taken, this granular personalization capability at scale is a key tactic enterprise ABM leaders adopt: MRP’s data found that companies realizing significant returns on ABM investments adapt content automatically to match prospects’ needs three times as often as those with unmeasured or negative revenue impact. 


Integrating comprehensive data across lines of business. 

When enterprise companies sell to other large global entities, there are two complex ecosystems to contend with — both the seller and the prospective buyer.  As Adam Berlew, Executive Director, Cloud AI & Industry Solutions at Google described, that means ABM marketers must both orchestrate campaigns internally across teams in their own companies, as well as coordinate the messaging received by different individuals within prospect accounts.

That level of synchrony requires comprehensive data about targets’ lines of business, buying teams, locations, and more. MRP data shows that 84% of leading ABM practitioners report complete integrations among marketing data systems, and they’re 2.5x more likely to leverage multiple data sources. 

Rallying internal teams around this unified data set is also essential, Berlew said. Not only is marketing collaborating closely with sales, but engagement with divisions from customer success to professional services to territorial teams helps ensure that a broad spectrum of interactions with target accounts are captured in the profile — which in turn helps ensure messaging is relevant and timely.


Supporting regional success by leveraging global data.

Fully 93% of enterprise marketers that realize significant revenue impact from their ABM programs have full visibility into customer data and campaign performance across the organization, MRP’s research found — demonstrating the importance of transparency at every level. 

Lisa Harris, Director of Commercial Marketing and Head of Lead Generation at AMD, detailed how combining first-party data for existing customers along with second- and third-party data  — and making that information available across the enterprise — has been essential to success in key regions. While intent data is an important signal, it isn’t enough alone to indicate accounts’  buying capabilities and purchase timelines. Enabling regional teams to access data profiles and infuse local knowledge into marketing plans ensured not only that content would be tailored, but that the timing of campaigns would be optimized for maximum impact.  


Visit the virtual summit online to watch a replay of the marketing panel and all the day’s speakers. You can also download MRP’s ground-breaking research that outlines the roadmap to ABM success. And to learn how you can join the vanguard of ABM and achieve marketing success in 2022, schedule a demo of MRP’s Prelytix platform today.

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