What Is A Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map provides a visual representation of your customer’s experiences as they move through the sales cycle. It is a popular method used to annotate the story of how a customer proceeds from the initial engagement with a marketing qualified lead to an ongoing relationship when they become a client.

From the outside looking in, the journey a customer moves through might seem simplistic: you give them something to buy and then they buy it. When you get a more in-depth look, however, you will see that the journey is a treacherous one and that every journey is different. Just think of all the ways that a customer can find out about your business: direct marketing, referrals, Google search, customer inquiries, conventions, email marketing, or social media? These are just a few of the options – there are many starting points.

Then, there are different twists and turns that the journey can take – false starts, false ends, and many bumps in the road. The key is that you need to map out every single conversation, connection, or experiences along the customer journey for mapping to work correctly.

What Is A Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map allows you to step into your customer’s shoes and get an outside view of how your business handles things. It helps the business gain insights into pain points, first opinions, the customer experience, and what people need to complete a purchase. It takes some practice, but it is worth it.

Customers do not go looking for reasons not to interact with a brand. They want the process to be connected and easy to understand – if it gets too difficult, they will just move onto something else. At the same time, your team is expected to know who each potential customer is, what they are looking for, what their pain points entail, and all of the necessary information needed to meet their needs. A map can help you  to keep those details in one place.

Other benefits of customer journey mapping include helping you to see where customer interact with your business – and where they stop. It will help you to navigate the buying funnel and identify whether someone is where you need them to be. At the same time, it helps with identifying problem areas: where you are losing most of your leads.

How To Get The Most From Customer Journey Mapping

To get the most out of your map, you need to pay attention to details and record everything possible. Don’t just record the date of the first interaction, list what that interaction was down the final detail. Version testing a LinkedIn advertising campaign? Make sure to denote whether this customer saw Version A or Version B. Still using cold calling? Record who the caller was, what time of the day it was, and even what the weather was like. These details matter. You will be able to take the data and compare it against other methods, where you will be able to see patterns emerge from the rubble.

As your relationship continues to grow, the map may get longer. Keep it going throughout the life of your relationship. This can only help you move into the future.

Match The Customer Journey Map To Your KPIs

A customer journey map helps to reveal whether or not you are living up to your goals. Want to have a customer acquisition process that is smooth? The customer journey map can show whether or not you are living up to your goals. You need to understand where the lapses are and then fix them – and the map will help you to do this.

Is Your Customer Journey Going Well?

The only way you will know if your customers have a good experience with you is to map their journeys and see how they see you. By not mapping, you might still get customers, but you are cutting yourself short, risking unhappy customers, and even losing opportunities that you could never have imagined. At the very least, you might be able to connect with your customers in a new way.

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