Creating Marketing Video Content: What To Include

Video marketing is one of the most powerful storytelling mediums that we have. Not only can it help to build promotional campaigns that are impactful and influential, but great videos can also help to build relationships between your brand and your targeted audience. When videos are viewed by people who are already marketing qualified leads in the sales funnel, you can do more with fewer resources.

Videos are extremely versatile and marketing teams can leverage them in many different ways. The great thing about video marketing is that it works extremely well in long and short formats – you don’t have to create full-length documentaries. Simply using InstaStories or short clips can be effective. They can be something you do once or a serialized set of videos that you do weekly.

Videos are great because they can be part of your main marketing campaign or only a small part that teases the rest of your materials. Use them on third party sites, your own website, your social channels, or in more traditional forms of marketing. This type of content marketing can be consumed on different mediums, including on mobile phones AND they can be repacked as you want.

Of course, video isn’t always going to be ideal if you aren’t including the right things. You want to generate attention and traffic, but not at the risk of your brand’s image. While every marketing campaign is certainly different, here are a few things you absolutely need to include in that content:

Include A Great Title

Include a title for your video, especially if you plan to post it on social media or host it on YouTube. A title can be a great way to get some relevant keywords in there that will attract organic traffic and search traffic. You can also use that title to bring more attention to your video. If you need help, peruse YouTube for some titles that have worked for other businesses in your niche.

Include Captions

Many people consume mobile content while they are on public transportation, while in meetings, when they can’t sleep at night, or even while watching television. By including captions, you will double your audience that may not be able to listen to the video at a given time. If you write a great script, it is likely that the text can even capture someone who might have scrolled by without it.

Include a Call to Action

Almost all blog posts and content should have a call to action at the end. This CTA invites the reader to take further action, such as signing up for a free demo, visiting a certain page on your website, or calling for more information. Your videos should have at least one CTA as well. In general, you want to take the video and divide it into sections and put a CTA of some sort after each third. The trick is doing so without seeming too salesy. For videos under a minute, only put the CTA in the middle and at the end.

Include a Professional Voice

While you do want to be fun and interesting, you want to ensure that you come off as professional as well. Use clarity and professionalism when talking in your video. Avoid risque language or images, practice answers so that they aren’t jumbled, and avoid wordiness.

Share It

The most important thing you can do is share your content across every platform you have – as appropriate. You want as many eyes as possible to see your content.

How To Find Your Targeted Audience

Who watches your videos? Who is your target account? There are so many different styles of video and they won’t all work with all audiences. Your best bet is to hone in on who your audience is and then research what they may respond to – something funny and topical or something more clear cut and straightforward? To do this, you may want to use predictive analytics that will help you to know about your target audience, who they are, what they consume, and how long they spend on certain types of content.

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