Commercial Finance Engagement In An ABM World

Powering the Future, Progressive Marketers Leverage AI, Intent Data, and Predictive Analytics to Generate Roi and Deeper Customer Relationships 

Commercial finance buyers are already accustomed to the personalized and frictionless buying experience ofa B2C purchase, and they expect no less from a B2B buying scenario. Yet, building programs and prioritizing target customers for account-based marketing remains a challenge for marketers attempting to penetrate the C-suite. Siloed data and a stronger disconnect between sales and marketing largely only adds to these difficulties.

Their challenge is to identify patterns, assess the past, make real-time predictions and act on these insights. It’s impossible for marketers to set up high performing programs with poor underlying data, and yet most financial marketers lack any level of confidence in the quality and value of their underlying data. Data may be abundant, however much of it is unintelligible because it’s disconnected.