Collaborative ABM: Beyond Sales & Marketing Alignment

As we asserted in our recent white paper, Humanizing the Account-Based Marketing Experience, a marketing/sales duo that doesn’t respect each other can torpedo even the best Account-Based Marketing (ABM) program. While many of today’s account-based marketing and sales strategies are powered by technology and AI, the human element (knowing who your customers and prospects are at a deep level) is critical.

Surprisingly though, only 36%6 of companies executing account-based marketing programs consider their sales and marketing teams to be tightly aligned. If companies want to reap the rewards of ABM, it is critical that their marketing and sales teams get on the same page and focus on developing pipelines filled with quality leads and the right opportunities.

Discover why the skills that organizations foster and the commitments they make often look radically different in a collaborative ABM organization when compared to the siloed cultures of the past.


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