Closing The Channel Marketing Void To Enable Sales Growth

September 10, 2018 | Blog, Resources

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you will have noticed how buyer’s behaviors have dramatically changed. In an overwhelmingly digital market, engagement with your sales reps is generally later in the buying process than you’d probably like to admit. When that interaction happens, your buyers are likely expecting something a bit more than a static sales deck with information they’ve already found on their own. They’re expecting someone to make their purchase decision easy, clearly stating how you differentiate your offering and the value the solution will bring to the buyer’s business.

To succeed in today’s market, companies need to be equipped to lead these value-driven sales conversations with real-time data and insights. Yet while most brands have awoken to the need for sales enablement technology and training, an astounding scarcity in resources still remains for indirect sellers.

Improving Visibility of the Sales Experience

Maria Chien, Service Director for Channel Marketing Strategies at SiriusDecisions, noted the determination of CMOs to have more highly skilled channel staff on their teams, in a recent interview with Demand Gen Report. When questioned about the specific skillsets CMO’s plan to enable or enhance within the next two years, partner enablement came out just shy of first place on their list.

While many firms rely on partner sales representatives to communicate their brand proposition, how many companies can state they are confident in the level of brand consistency delivered across channels during the sales process? MRP’s combination of channel software and services are designed to ensure accurate brand representation, help drive channel engagement, support opportunity progression throughout the pipeline and provide visibility on program results and execution as well as drive an MQL to SQL conversion rate that exceeds industry-best standards.

Plugging the Channel Expertise Gap

A lack of channel expertise is reflected in Forrester’s forecast of the growth in channel-related services. In the same report about the surge in sales of through-channel marketing automation technology, Forrester reported that related services offered by channel technology companies will climb to $1.3 billion annually by 2023. The broader through-channel marketing automation market will include thousands of marketing digital agencies that will grow to generate an additional $2 billion of services over the same time. Tasked with the unenviable responsibility of juggling multiple priorities including partner recruitment, managing channel sales performance and ensuring MDF are used wisely, it’s no surprise channel leaders are looking for support.

MRP Concierge Services support global partners by acting as an implementation consultant. We help partners assess their target market, plan their goals and implement strategies to utilize their MDF funds wisely. The Our team ensures that global corporate marketing strategy is being fulfilled at all tiers of the partner universe. With studies suggesting only 33% of marketers feel they can optimize their channel spend, MRP Concierge Services ensure that partner MDF funds are spent in total quarter over quarter on programs that will positively effect their bottom line.

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