Building Ideal Customer Profiles: 4 Key Factors

November 03, 2018 | Blog, Resources

When your team begins to think about the ideal customer profile for those that they will market to and sell to, you have to think about why you are in business. What is it that you want to do? It is only then that you can find marketing qualified leads that will convert.

This question is so pivotal because when you are able to answer the “what” of it all: what you do, what you help, what you do that is so different from other companies, you’ll be able to answer the “how” that much more easily – how you will sell your products, how you will gain customers, and how you will make money. Another question that will be easily answered once you have figured out the “what” of it all is the “who” you will sell to – who are you going to market your products or services to? Who will be your long term clients?

For many businesses, the who of it all is laid out in a mission statement. In a B2B environment, it is even more important to understand who your ideal customers are before scaling. When you build your ideal customer profiles, you gain the ability to include them as part of your marketing materials from the start.

Here are four criteria for creating your ideal customer profile:

Know The Industries You Want To Target

You should know the right industries for your products or services. Whether you are hyperfocused on one specific industry or you are competing in multiple verticles, you should have a clear vision of what your ideal customer will do.

If you are just starting out, focusing on one industry first might be a great idea and then use predictive analytics and other tools to discover what verticles to move into from there.

Know What Company Size You Are Targeting

Whether you are going after enterprise accounts, startups, or something in between, you are going to have to think about how you are going to gain traction in building a client base. The sales cycles can be difficult in different ways. Having a realistic opinion on what you can do and what your marketing team can handle.

Once you have this information, you can sort potential leads by company size.

Know Which Department You Are Marketing Toward

By narrowing down the department of your ideal customer, you are going to be able to focus on selling to the proper people. When thinking about marketing, you want to be able to talk in a language that someone understands, which can vary from department to department. By knowing what departments you are targeting, you can use the same vocabulary that they use. Knowing this, and knowing it well, can help you to connect with people.

Consider The Job Titles You Want to Target

Another way to find your ideal customer is to look at job titles. By identifying several different job titles of the people who are making the buying decisions, you will be able to sell or market directly to them instead of someone who is too busy or too far down in the silo to make a decision. You have to consider various roles and responsibilities within that company. Remember that you likely aren’t selling to one individual but rather a group of people who have different priorities, thoughts, and opinions in the purchase decision.

When you work with B2B marketing, you have to know who the “who” is before you can make any progress toward your goals. Having a well-defined ideal customer profile can help you to acquire and retain customers that will foster growth in your companies for years to come. To find out more about how you can even begin the process of building your ideal customer profile or to continue refining what you already have, contact MRP today.

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