Beyond Transactional ABM:

Enterprise-Class ABM Strategies To Humanize Your Target Account Marketing GTM

While many assume that B2B purchase decisions are rational and structured, emotions and experiences come into play, particularly with the changing expectations of buyers. Some refer to these changes as the consumerization of B2B buyers, but most agree that these changes lead to a heightened emotional investment in the decision, which has been worsened in the reality of the pandemic and changes in today’s business and social environment.

Regardless of the unique complexities surrounding B2B purchase decisions, buyers know that purchasing can be simple because they’re consumers when they’re off duty. A combination of digital buyers’ native and learned behaviors is driving this change — and having a dramatic impact on every phase of the B2B customer lifecycle. With ready access to much of the information they need to make a purchase, buyers now control the buying journey — and they know it.