B2B Content Should Act As An Invitation To Dialogue, Not Read Like A Monologue

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There is no question that Artificial Intelligence is a game changer for customer engagement. That said, B2B marketers too focused on utilizing AI-powered tools to measure structured data, are missing out on the opportunities that can be gained from insights derived from unstructured data. Insights like customer sentiments should be directing your engagement strategy not product features, from content conception stage right through to the evaluation of the success of your efforts.

Despite the technology available B2B messaging highlights product features and overlooks customer sentiment and needs. Truly personalized account engagement starts with real-time insights and is realized when you trigger coordinated actions across delivery channels.

“AI doesn’t optimize for customer obsession; humans do. While AI holds promise as the ‘brains’ behind engagement, today’s reality is that humans are still the orchestrators of B2B experiences.”

Humanize B2B Insights With AI, October 4th 2018, Allison Snow, Senior Analyst, Customer Insights at Forrester

In an era of data-driven marketing, your engagement strategy needs to be built on insights pulled from the analysis of big data, collected through customer interactions, to form predictions about future behaviors. Adding predictive analytics powered by this rich intent data to your ABM strategy, allows you to generate customized messaging and a content mapping strategy for each buyer.

What’s more, shifting focus from trying to engage with every potential buyer and concentrating more on specific accounts, gives marketing teams the resources and more importantly, the time to understand buyers’ intentions and conclusions better.


The convergence of AI and machine learning with marketing tactics has been proven to enable both smarter customer engagement and better results. Using data collected from your customer’s journey will give you a complete view of the purchasing patterns behind each customer account you have. Utilizing machine learning algorithms that combine customer intent signals and pre-purchase research patterns with past practices and behaviors, offers you a complete view of your long-term customers intent. Not only will this assist your engagement strategy, you’ll be able to see what worked, what didn’t, and what needs improvement. Your account-based engagement strategy gets smarter with every sales cycle.


This influence of Artificial Intelligence on achieving communication at scale combined with a not before seen level of customization, means we are increasingly able to tailor campaigns to consumer intent, that is relevant to their stage in the buyer journey. These insights are the lifeblood of ABM engagement and need to be at the core of your strategy in order to achieve the promised revenue impact of ABM.




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