Avoiding ABM Silos Among Data Points To Trigger Action

August 16, 2018 | Resources, Webinars

As published by ABM in Action,

In a response to Andrew Gaffney’s video titled: The Data Points For Engaging B2B Buyers, MRP’s CMO Jim Regan spotlights the challenges marketers face when trying to organize all the different data sources — which include activity data, signal data, intent data, data acquisition and engagement. He also discusses how to avoid creating silos among all these different data categories and how to get them all into one platform that can trigger action.

MRP Prelytix is positioned to gather continuous insights from first-, second- and third-party data, including CRM intel, buyer persona data derived from predictive algorithms, B2B web data and rules-based alerts, to drive account-based marketing and personalization.

The platform aims to target demand units with messages and tactics most likely to resonate. The platform offers programmatic digital advertising, email marketing, direct mail marketing and sales support that are designed to be highly personalized and grounded in intelligence.

Using machine learning to gather insights from sales and marketing engagement, MRP Prelytix aims to create a closed-loop system in which sales and marketing orchestration continually improve. The platform is positioned to help marketing and sales teams visualize demand units and create a long-term strategy for impactful marketing and sales engagement.

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