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When big data first became a trendy talking point among sales and marketing teams, it felt like the answer to marketers’ problems. But now, the reality is that marketers do have access to seemingly limitless amounts of data, big data no longer feels like the easy solution. In fact, many marketers struggle with execution. They have access to tons of meaningful data, but they don’t know what to do with it. The ability to utilize that data to orchestrate and operationalize marketing tactics represents a real challenge for many marketers. Using predictive analytics gives marketers a huge leg up to create and execute comprehensive, multi-channel account-based marketing programs rooted in data. But if you’re the individual charged with leading a predictive analytics initiative, how do you get it right?

Paralysis by Analysis

Exacerbated by an influx of vendors integrating basic analytics principles into their existing solutions to attract anyone looking for anything labeled predictive, more and more businesses are ignoring best practices. We regularly hear of competitors promising the world and more to prospects, but the reality is not every predictive analytics deployment will be successful. Predictive analytics are not a magic bullet, perfect for any situation. Vendors in our space span a wide range of analytical capabilities however, firms must understand their outcome-based objectives, rather than shiny techniques in order to achieve revenue attributable outcomes.

Pick the partner that will offer the right insights — into revenue growth opportunities, the health of the business, and customer preferences and health — for your requirements.

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The True Measures of Success

Transforming your customer experiences requires response to an organization’s intent with the right level of engagement, the right message, and the right allocation of resources to convert them to pipeline. When selecting a partner, you need to ensure that your chosen partner not only offers the right insights but translates these into revenue growth opportunities that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

No Blackbox – Observe the Intent of Your Target Market

Traditional approaches to analytics rely on batch processing, where data is scored based on a schedule. These approaches are inherently re-active because their focus is on aging data, meaning organizations are only able to react to past activity. Traditional architecture also limits a business’s ability to mirror the movement of the market, due to their difficulty to efficiently manage and track the consumption of data streams.

Your target accounts move fast, your predictive assessments need to move faster. MRP Prelytix is the only Predictive Analytics platform to escape from typical static batch processes, giving our clients a head start to reach and engage each target account before the competition.  Mirror the movement of your target market and measure conversion rate by tactics, segment, region, and marketing resources, to continuously make your next prediction smarter. MRP Prelytix allows you to see how your campaign performed within a specific time frame and determine if adjustments are needed moving forward.



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