Whitepaper: Account Based Display Advertising in an ABM World

B2B buyers consume content through an average of 6 channels when making a purchase decision and two-thirds leave that process frustrated because marketers make it unnecessarily difficult for them to truly research and learn.

Display Advertising is a great example of this type of silo, focused on sending banner ads without the benefit of context or coordinated content delivered from other systems. Starting your ABM program from this footing sets the rest of your marketing and sales efforts into a downward trend.

To maximize engagement and revenue impact, your platforms need to work together, both in timing and content strategy. Think of it this way… what channel are you most dependent upon? Nearly 90% of marketers say it’s email. So, in an Account Based Advertising world, what is your email doing to support your program? Is it providing insights and does it echo the same message as your display ads for each target account?

Learn how to pull your  display program outside of its silo by downloading MRP’s latest whitepaper today:

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