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Our Guest, Forrester Presents- ABM & Predictive: Better Together

B2B Marketing Best Practices - ABM & Predictive Analytics: Better Together | MRP

What are you doing with your predictive marketing analytics?

Watch MRP’s on-demand webcast, Predictive Analytics and ABM: Better Together, learn how B2B Marketing can benefit from ABM & Predictive.

Hear James Regan, CMO & Co-Founder, MRP and our guest speaker, Allison Snow, Senior Analyst, B2B Marketing, Forrester, discuss the importance for B2B companies to leverage the combination of ABM and predictive analytics to gain better customer insights that enable precise personalization.

Watch and learn about market trends that are bringing these two powerful concepts together to create a more meaningful customer experience:

  • How finely tuned targeting improves ROI
  • Why content drives successful customer engagement
  • How to tap into active buying decisions
  • How to leverage data insights, even if you don’t own the data



Allison Snow

Senior Analyst, B2B Marketing, Forrester

James Regan

CMO & Co-Founder, MRP

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