ABM Platform Capabilities Must Reflect The Global Reality Of The Enterprise

April 18, 2022 | Blog, Resources

Linguistic, cultural, and regulatory differences across regions require autonomy while still leveraging the power of enterprise-wide data insights.

Global enterprise marketing across borders is far more complex than the translation of marketing assets or setting up a satellite office. Additional complexity resides in the market environment created by government, regulatory bodies, and other societal institutions that shape buyers’ behaviors. Understanding these dynamics can help marketers work more effectively to achieve their organizations’ business objectives. Dedicated offices serving regional markets rely on native experts who can understand the nuances of the local language and the market culture in which they operate.

Unfortunately, most ABM platforms and solutions fail to reflect the complexity of enterprise companies’ international efforts. Technology is often built on a base of American English, and the AI algorithms that ingest intent and power predictive analytics often fail to account for other languages. To capture every opportunity, enterprise marketers need technology that is multilingual and multitenant at its core. In addition, regulatory environments and business practices vary from region to region, so individual marketing teams need the autonomy to localize campaigns, strategies, and objectives, while still coordinating insights and data at the account level across the enterprise.

MRP’s global capabilities were highlighted in the recent Forrester New Wave™: Account-Based Marketing Platforms, Q1 2022 report. As an ABM Leader, “MRP has amazing global reach and customer support,” according to customers cited in the report. With its unique approach, Forrester also noted, “MRP excels at mature, omnichannel ABM programs that require global data capabilities and multitenant deployments for consistent ABM strategies across many regions.”

Illustrating the enterprise’s unique challenges when trying to succeed in today’s global markets, MRP’s latest report highlights how the next generation of intent can deliver buyer engagement in multiple languages and regions and correlate that external learning with what they know in their sales and marketing systems. Concluding a series of proprietary, multi-part research reports that delve into the unique principles and best practices of enterprise ABM today, “The Enterprise Marketers’ Guide to ABM” further identifies the distinct characteristics of global enterprise organizations.


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