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Forrester ABM Wave

For more than 16 years our North Star has been to achieve revenue impact for our clients’ account-based sales and marketing programs. Today, across five continents, we have thousands of client program owners we can now call “Leaders”.


It sure is nice to come upon milestones like this where we can stop to celebrate our clients. If you haven’t heard yet, Forrester Research just released The Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2018 and identified MRP Prelytix as a “Leader”.

What does it take to be an ABM “Leader”?

Few marketing platforms serve more sales and marketing touch points than ours. Through billions of interactions, we found a core truth: to achieve the revenue impact our clients seek, we need to help them identify and trigger actions based upon the needs of their target account buyer.

Truth is, we see Account-Based Marketing strategy and technology in almost the exact opposite way most do. Our platform reflects this and is uniquely constructed with actionable insights baked into the core. Through hundreds of conversations and deployments, we learned that marketers can’t find target account needs within their own platforms and even purchased Intent or Predictive Analytics data is hard to operationalize. These data points are the lifeblood of ABM performance and need to be at the core of your strategy in order to achieve the promised revenue impact of ABM.

By reversing the platform equation this way, we make it painfully easy to recognize and trigger the highest value, truly personalized, needs-based sales and marketing plays.


Our focus is client revenue impact

The ability to send more messages is a commodity business. Providing more insights isn’t enough. By intimately linking these two needs, MRP Prelytix clients achieve outcomes that are critical today, revenue, not just superficial artifacts of recorded activities.

The MRP Prelytix blueprint to client success:

  • Insights – because scale isn’t a substitute for intimacy
    Insights identify the needs of target account buyers, select targeted content, and trigger orchestrated plays. This is true across the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition, to cross/up sell, through retention.
  • Precision segmentation – know how to scale intimacy
    In order to scale, measure and optimize ABM programs, we hone our client target account segmentation through powerful AI and Machine Learning capabilities. These groupings make it possible to automate laser focus on targeting and create replicable learnings.
  • Orchestration – coordinate collaborative sales and marketing actions
    Today, we apply insight and trigger collaborative marketing plays across six channels for our clients. We provide the flexibility to use MRP or client platforms, and are rapidly assimilating new channels. This flexibility is critical as it better addresses client by client needs, and reduces both decision and execution risk for them. MRP closes the loop on integrated ABM Marketing strategies so clients can identify and replicate high performing tactics and eliminate low performing.

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