ABM For Enterprise Demand Gen Marketers

July 01, 2020 | Resources, Whitepapers

The debate over ABM best practice struggles to make sense for sophisticated demand generation teams. Why? For organizations with a wealth of market experience, you already have sizable investments in lead generation, you have multichannel programs, scoring methodologies, and reporting, and adding a new and disconnected strategy and technology is more likely to confuse audiences, break measurement systems, and drive up the cost of acquisition. If you’re an enterprise-class marketing organization, adding a new silo of activity and measurement doesn’t make sense.

Take a step back and ask yourself… “what is it that I need from ABM?” If your sales team has a rational and mature selection of target accounts, how does the current advice around ABM account selection hit you? If you already send millions of emails and get thousands or hundreds of thousands of website visits, how does it make sense that you declare an account as “Marketing Qualified” simply because of website visits?

This report will explore the enterprise operating environment and provide guidelines to examine your strategy, select vendors, and orchestrate an enterprise-class account-based marketing strategy.