ABM in 2017: What Experts Think the Next Stage Looks Like

ABM in 2017: What Experts Think the Next Stage Looks Like

The ABM story has, so far, gone like this: its general principles are as old as sales and marketing themselves, but in 2013 and 2014, marketers began focusing on turning this methodology into a system that works like a well-oiled machine within their organizations. From then until last year, ABM practitioners took what they learned in order to try to agree on some best practices. It’s now 2017 – where will the discussion lead us?

This presentation covers the discussion from an event during which that question was asked of the Account-Based Marketing Consortium and five C-Level executives. The contributors also discussed where practitioners should place their investments, what mistakes from past years we can learn from, and what successes we should seek to scale.

Some of the key takeaways on account based marketing in 2017:

  • ABM practitioners need to target key people within accounts
  • It’s important to take a multi-channel approach through which marketers can quickly respond to engagements
  • Sales and marketing need to begin to resolve their alignment issues
  • For a more detailed analysis from some of the industry’s most seasoned experts, see the deck from the full presentation below.

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