7 Tactics To Drive ABM Success

Account based marketing (ABM) is one of the best ways to drive success in your industry – no matter what industry that is. Everyone from top tier companies to influencers and bloggers has been using ABM to push themselves into the future. Account based marketing takes an individual account and treats it as a market in its own right. This can be a highly structured approach to marketing, especially for companies who haven’t done it before. The approach involves the sales and marketing functions to join together and take a closer look at the key issues facing their target markets, mapping them back to the individuals and then tailoring marketing and sales campaigns to address those issues directly. Using account based marketing best practices is helpful, but it isn’t the only thing we can do.

ABM, at its core, completely aligns the sales and marketing process and builds a relationship with a targeted set of accounts. However, there are so many things to take into consideration when using ABM as your primary marketing approach.

  1. Use Sales Offers To Get Meetings

Many marketers work to create offers that get leads from webinars and whitepapers – and this is a great approach. It helps to get sales prospects to agree to a meeting. The people who download these eBooks or attend these webinars tend to have a specific pain point that they need addressed – so target those people with advertisements and information that can help them address the problem.

2. Stay Relevant, But Be Creative

When you use ABM, you get some great information about who is reading your content, who will have the ultimate decision about whether or not to use your tools or services, and how they interact. If you have an account that uses social media (LinkedIn, for example) you might be able to get more creative in what you do. Even if it is just an email, your team can still find a way to get creative and stand out.

3. Use Retargeting

Retargeting can help you to repeated engage with a specific account. This is possible through ABM programs and even in your marketing efforts through other services. These tools use social analytics to target your wanted accounts on the websites that they visit. Sometimes, all it takes is repeated advertisements or interaction to sway someone to your products.

4. Get Organized

One of the best ways to drive ABM success is the same thing you need to drive success in almost anything: get organized. By creating a campaign calendar, for example, you will be able to plan ahead and even allow for more creative development.

5. Personalize

Since account based marketing is so targeted, you have to deliver high conversion rates. One way to do this is to personalize landing pages. Marketers should be able to create account specific landing page with content, copy, and offers that are dependent on the person or account that is visiting that page. Be careful about going overboard and do not get intrusive.

6. Establish Goals

One of the best ways to drive ABM success is to establish SMART goals for each campaign. You want to figure out KPIs that revolve around almost every aspect of your campaigns, including engagement, deals, opportunities, and meetings. Then, you will need to explicitly and directly state how you will measure success.

7. Don’t Forget Older Tactics

Direct mail is one of the oldest direct marketing tactics in the book, but as account based marketing met with digital marketing, it fell by the wayside. Direct mail is still extremely effective if you need to target executives. Why? They are not registering for webinars, reading white papers, following people on Twitter, or anything else that someone further down will do. Instead, they are much more likely to react to some of those older techniques.


As you decide on an ABM tactic to use in your business, remember to think in terms of where you are AND where you want to be as a business. As a general rule, ABM strategies from MRP tend to work exceptionally well for B2B companies who sell to larger accounts that are fewer in number. When you work with MRP, we will help you to ease into whatever ABM approach you want to use. We can also help you to determine where you want to go into the future and how your ABM approach can change with that – or even help you to reach your stretch goals.


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