Redefining Omnichannel Advertising In The Age Of The Customer

In today’s programmatic era, the ad ecosystem has lost sight of the role advertising plays in delivering value to the parties that matter. In an era of unimpeded automation, driven by the adoption of the VC backed AI-powered ad platforms, marketers are still risking brand perception and CX and lost billions of dollars to ad fraud and non-viewable impressions.

The B2B consumer deserves better, yet marketers have come to believe that hyper-targeting and hyper-personalization equal customer obsession. Sustained ROI requires an obsessive focus on understanding a prospect’s sentiment, wants, and needs, and only then delivering relevant and valuable ad experiences. Programmatic innovation makes this more possible than ever if used in service to customer obsession. Marketers and media agencies must deliver advertising experiences that understand and respect consumers’ attitudes or risk turning them off.

Discover how to put customer obsession at the heart of your advertising strategy today.


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