5 Things Intent Data Can’t Do For You

Intent data helps you to identify a customer’s purpose in looking for your brand or services. It helps marketers determine what their customers need or want. Intent data can help marketers determine who your true audience are, predict what behavior audiences will exhibit, and allow for feedback on marketing and sales efforts.

Intent data has opened a new door for marketing and sales functions to improve their tactics by breaking away from the traditional campaign styles based on demographics and instead help to build more dynamic, innovative outreach programs. But are there limitations to what intent data do?

Intent Data Cannot Point Out Your Target Accounts, But…

Where traditional data measurement struggles to identify ideal accounts, intent data can help you there: It can help you to pinpoint just where you should be directing your marketing efforts. Building a profile within intent data software means less time spent scoring leads and more time prospecting them.

Intent Data Won’t Increase Engagement, But…

Intent data alone can’t increase engagement. Data can provide your functions with useful insights about who your customers are and provide answers to questions about what they are looking for but this information alone will not help.  Instead, intent data helps marketers to analyze customer engagement towards a particular product or brand. From there, they are able to customize the content and the messaging to get that engagement.

Intent Data Can’t Tell Customers What to Buy, But…

Intent data cannot tell your customers what to buy. However, there has been some advancement in suggestion things to buyers. For example, you may recognize the “Customers Who Bought” section of Amazon has things that interest you – and that is thanks to intent data.

With intent data, marketers can personalize which product a customer was interested in and then send them personalized coupons or offers that will help them to make buying decisions.

Intent Data Cannot Improve Performance, But…

Big data analytics can help marketers to choose the best advertisements, messaging, offers, tweets, and information to their customers. It helps to boost business and almost forces people to perform better and use more innovative tactics. Intent marketing is an incredible strategy for marketers to engage customers, but that alone cannot improve performance. The key is to use the big data to find out intent signals, improve marketing campaigns, and build your brand around that.

Intent Data Can’t Take Action, But…

One of the biggest challenges with intent data is taking action. If you don’t have a team of people who take full advantage of the intent data, you will never see the benefits. Often, data is just utilized to help teams make moves or build up campaigns. However, intent data can provide a leg up and a starting point that is further along the track.


Our abilities to interact with and engage with our target clients in real time are the strongest selling points of marketing today. While getting attention is important, you have to actually make conversions. Above all else, make sure that you are using tools that are of high quality. When you work with MRP, you can use our predictive analytics tools to figure out which social media websites your target clients frequent, how you connect with them there, and even the content that you design. Contact us today for more information.

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