5 Reasons Why MRP Leads Are 197% More Likely To Convert

Improving the conversion of leads from marketing qualified to sales qualified is an issue we have solved for clients for over 16 years. Our global team of inside sales executives partner with your team to gain a deep understanding of your products and solutions, in order to deliver BANT qualified Opportunities to your sales team.

The reality is that fewer than 1% of leads typically become sales qualified. With this history, most organizations struggle to realize the value of most leads because few are ever even followed up upon. Our goal is to help you break through this paradigm and deliver more leads that your sales team will find actionable and of value. To that end we have compiled a list of 5 strategies MRP deploy to improve the probability of lead conversion.

Programmatic ABM Buyer Engagement

MRP Next Generation Inside Sales is your always on, evergreen engine for target account buyer engagement. In this environment, we assign dedicated reps who act as an outsourced component to your ABM program or business development representatives. This is the perfect result amplifier for marketers who operate in highly competitive markets.

Scale Results, Not Excuses

Our expert team of global BDRs make more than a million outbound calls per month. Native speakers of multiple languages, we scale outcomes for our clients. An expansive research project recently found our leads to be 197% more likely to convert to opportunities, and the deals were 208% larger.

More Than Just A Lead

Account targeted and buyer focused, the deliverable from our Inside Sales team is typically a demo appointment or similar high-value sales engagement. Because of this, sales acceptance of each lead is enormous, especially when compared to other lead gen tactics.

The BDR’s Secret Weapon

MRP Prelytix and Next Gen Inside Sales bring together two of the most powerful tools necessary to ensure the most important accounts, showing the strongest level of interest, do not fall through the cracks. In this proprietary data environment, our BDR’s have the upper hand. Applying AI and machine learning techniques, our platform dynamically identifies the calling queue for each rep based upon the contactability of each target account buyer. We leave nothing to guesswork.

Integrated Success

Our expert inside sales capabilities can be integrated as tightly as you like. Whether a source of leads or qualifier of leads, our team can be your newest ABM channel. Combined with display, email and direct mail, this powerful orchestration scenario delivers control, predictability and scale to your ABM program.


MRP Prelytix

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