6 Elements Of An Effective Email Outreach Campaign

January 30, 2018 | Blog, Resources

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Email outreach is one of the most effective marketing tools that you can have if you can utilize them correctly. Email outreach can help you to build relationships with companies and individuals so that you can have more leads, qualify the leads that come in as either sales qualified leads or marketing qualified leads. How can you do this? Well, the first thing you need to do is find a way to stand out from every other company trying to do the same thing. The more people you reach, the more conversions you will make.

No matter how large or small your company is, what products or services you are promoting, email outreach needs to play a key role in your strategy. As with anything you do online, there are some elements that will make email more effective. It is important to note that professionals receive more than 100 emails per day on average, many of them promotions or automatic deletes. So how can you stand out? Let’s take a look:

Make The Right Contacts

You don’t want to send emails to just anybody or you will skew your data. Sure, it might look great that your emails are going to a bunch of people, but you don’t want to push it too much. You want to do research to determine where your targeted clients are and how to reach them.

You can divide these into different categories:

Sales Qualified Leads: There are the people who are actively looking for your products and are interested in you. This means that they have taken actions that indicate they are ready to make a purchase and they are close to choosing you. These people tend to get more personalized emails.

Marketing Qualified Leads: These are the people who are definitely interested in the type of product or service that you are offering, but they aren’t quite ready to make a purchase just yet. They may need a few more emails until they become sales leads.

Leads: These are people who just dipping their toes into the pool: they are still researching and might need more information and prodding until you can determine whether or not they are a good fit for your company.

You do not want to send the same email to all of these people.

You Need A Catchy Email Subject Line

A clear, convincing subject line is one of the most critical parts of an effective email outreach campaign. Why is this? People don’t open emails that don’t interest them. The subject line is the first thing that the recipients see and if it doesn’t catch their eye, they are not going to read the email.

You can get creative with these subject lines – make them open the email. To do this, try to attract attention with emojis, symbols, or an offer they cannot refuse.

Personalize Your Emails However You Can

You need to personalize the body of the email to the person you are sending this too. If they are too generic, people will figure out that you are just sending mass emails. Something as simple as adding their first name in the direct address can be helpful.

But going even further can be more effective: personalize emails to show that you are familiar with the company, their work, their audience, and how valuable they would be to you. If you do account-based marketing, this should come second nature to you. If you don’t, you may want to consider looking into some of those strategies and incorporate them here.

Provide Value – Don’t Just Email to Email

Don’t send emails just to keep yourself in the minds of potential clients. While that is a great starting off point, you want to provide actual value to them. Show how your products work, give information about an upcoming product, or highlight something else interesting.

People don’t like to have their time wasted, so make sure you aren’t in that group. Do not push content that you wrote a long time ago or something they may have already seen – or you will get a lot of unsubscribers.

Make Sure You Have A Call To Action

A good call to action will help you to convert leads into paying customers. You want to have a request, a link to what you want, and explicitly state what they need to do. You want to have at least two CTAs – one in the meat of the email and one at the end. Preferably, both will look different but do the same thing so that you can test them.


Creating and maintaining a healthy email outreach campaign can help you to meet sales goals – and maybe even exceed them. To get there, you may need some help. That is where MRP can assist you – we have tools that carry out the predictive analytics that form the foundation of your email list and then figure out how to target them.  Give us a call today to find out more.


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