Longtail Marketing: Playing The Long Game

B2B longtail marketing

A lack of response from a prospect doesn’t automatically mean that the sale’s gone. Quite the opposite in fact. Don’t make the mistake of writing an account off just because they can’t contribute to your bottom line at that very moment.  The path to revenue success isn’t a quick one; there are tedious moments too, but it’s worth it.

Not every prospect who visits your site will be in an active buying situation, but that doesn’t mean they never will. Reviving “dead” leads is much easier than starting the lead generation process from scratch and the influence of AI can reduce the costs of ‘Longtail’ marketing. That said, you can’t convince a overworked prospect to convert simply by sending out an email.

If you aren’t prepared to be in it for the long haul, you’re clearly missing out on an opportunity for greater customer experience with higher sales. With improving technology, predictive analytics, customizable CRMs and AI, longtail marketing is getting easier.

Understanding why a lead failed to convert and creating an approach that better suits their needs, will give your marketing campaign a much greater chance of success. Thanks to AI-powered technology, automating, intent-driven campaigns can pretty much run themselves, as you continue to work on new lead campaigns in conjunction with your ongoing efforts. Marketing functions don’t need to be constantly offering new product or services, redesigning their website every day or solely focusing on the acquisition of new leads. Not when one of the greatest assets is already at your fingertips just waiting to be nurtured.


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