3 Ways To Increase Target Account Engagement With ABM

If you are looking to acquire more leads and, hopefully, grow your existing client base, your marketing and sales strategy should consider the different ways to increase target account engagement. Depending on what vertical your company operates in, engagement may lookdifferent, and therefore be difficult to discern which methods will work for your industry. Often, what works for one account won’t work on another, so understanding your metrics is essential.

There are many different approaches sales and marketing functions can take to win with an ABM strategy, and ultimately conceptualizing and idea generation will take some time.

While certain engagement tactics will only work in specific cases there are tried and true methods that will help to generate results. Let’s look at a few of those:

Increase Target Account Engagement With Effective, Worthwhile Tactics

Account-based marketing treats every account like an individual, meaning that marketing functions need to implement personalized, targeted campaigns for each account. This can take some time to perfect, meaning that you need to use metrics, experience, best practices, and data to ensure that the steps you choose will help you in the end.

Focus On Educating Your Target Accounts

Marketing using educational content can be the most effective way to not only create demand for your product but to ensure that your clients know what they are getting when they sign on with you. How can you educate your target accounts? Create webinars, informational guides, blog posts, infographics, videos, whitepapers, or anything else that will attract attention and inform that attention.

These can be incredibly powerful, especially if you have a complex solution that people don’t understand wholly.

The simplest way to do this is through blog posts: they help you to cover an extensive range of topics, interview specific players within your company, and help you to establish yourself and your company as experts in your field. At the very least, you will be able to start a dialogue that you can then use to move forward.

Utilize Your Email To Create Relationships

Personalized email campaigns and communication can help s increase engagement within target accounts: sending personalized, valuable emails can help you to develop a relationship and share marketing materials. However, if you do not use them effectively, you could end up in the spam folder – where your efforts will never work out.

This can take some time to do at first, but once you have established your top accounts, you can work to create an email strategy that will capture their attention. Of course, you may need some variations that detail specific challenges and how your tools or services can help them. There are fine lines that you have to walk here: you don’t want to seem too overbearing or unprofessional because your efforts may come across too obvious. You want to ensure that the information you provide is valuable and centers around specific pain points. They need to be concise, relevant, and professional. “One day only” deals or “SPECIALLY FOR YOU” in the subject line seem too gimmicky.

ABM email campaigns are tough to perfect because everyone interacts with email differently. Instead of sending three emails a day, space them out over an extended period of time.

For more information about email campaigns and how to effectively set them up, see how we can help you HERE.

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead: And It Makes An Impact

With so much focus on “forward thinking” and making the best possible use of technology, some of the more traditional marketing tactics have been forgotten – but they are still important. Direct mail never really left the stage and you need to consider coordinating it alongside at least some of your account based marketing tactics.

Sending a personal note or something that announces a personalized offer is useful, but once again you have to be careful in seeming too salesy or too gimmicky. Instead, focus on highlighting a problem or pain point that you think your target account may be encountering and then suggest a meeting to discuss it.

One caveat is that direct mail cannot be your only strategy: you need to use direct mail as a part of a larger plan.

Utilize Account-Based Marketing As A Long-Term Strategy You Adjust Over Time

Growing your account engagement numbers can be difficult, especially when you first start using account-based marketing tactics. You have to learn how to read potential clients and understand which ones will work for you. The most important thing to note is that, when you execute your strategy, you need to be committed in your approach and ensure that you are using best practices. For more information about account-based marketing and how we can help you to make better decisions: contact MRP today.

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